Empowering Civil Society to Advocate For Budget Reforms in Kenya

The Institute of economic affairs (IEA) with support from the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has partnered with HERAF to implement their project which aims at empowering the Civil Society Organisations to advocate for budget reform in the country.

The project entails the following:

1.      IEA selection of coalition partners in corroboration with CIPE team

2.      Capacity building workshop on applied budget work and social accountability

3.      Coalition participation in the National public hearing through submission of budget proposals

4.      Conducting public forums and raising the awareness of public budget issues

5.      Public policy advocacy techniques with the coalition partners through publication of quarterly newsletter.

Objective of the Project

  • To strengthen the capacity of existing civil society coalitions to monitor public funds
  • To enhance the ability of civil society organization to advocate for the budget reforms


  • Reports on the training workshop and public forum
  • Budget proposal submission
  • Write success stories related to public finance/Social accountability/budget monitoring work
  • Collaboration with local networks


  • Increased participation of the civil society in the budget process

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