Institutional Strengthening Project
CSOs in the health sector in Kenya continue to face a myriad of issues that impede their effective participation in responsive programming in the health sector in Kenya. Key among the issues are weak institution structures, systems and processes which prevent the access to large amounts and long term donor funding in Kenya, with most donors preferring to fund international organisations who sub grant to CSOs in Kenya.

The Constitution of Kenya was passed in the Year 2010 and recognizes the Right to Health as a fundamental human right. In addition, it provides for the establishment of the devolved system of government, which includes among others decentralization of government functions and activities and restructuring the ministries of health and their operations.

The aforementioned changes in the operating environment for health CSOs in Kenya require that civil society organisations in Kenya revamp their systems, activities and practices to ensure that they remain relevant actors in the realization of the right to health and in the community health response in Kenya.

HERAF is no different and towards this end, she is fortunate enough to be one of only 10 CSOS in the health sector in Kenya who is a beneficiary of the USAID FANIKISHA Institutional Strengthening project. The Project aims to build the capacity of national-level civil society organizations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide sustainable leadership in the delivery of the community response for the sustained health and well-being of all Kenyans.

In implementing the project, HERAF will purpose to strengthen her systems through internal restructuring and development, review and operationalizing of various documents as informed by international standards. HERAF expects that through the implementation of the project, she will be able to;
  • Play a more strategic role in advocacy in the health sector in Kenya at the county and national levels
  • Broaden her scope of operations geographically through strengthening the institutional capacity of her affiliates in various county regions for a better and more responsive community health system
  • Engage with a larger number of diversified stakeholders to amplify the voice of civil society in the health sector In Kenya
  • Work directly with organisations at the community levels organization for better community health response
  • Become a sub recipient of large long term donations for effective and sustained programming
  • Become a beacon of standards, operationalization of better practices among CSOs in Kenya
  • Increase partnerships between donors and CSOS in enhancing the realisation of the right to health in Kenya s per the Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010
  • Become a visible organization at the national and county levels in ensuring that the Right to Health is realized.

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