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Health Rights Advocacy Forum (HERAF) uses a participatory apprach to ensure there is accountability in availability of equitable, affordable and quality health care services in Kenya governmental

In every project we strive to reflect these core values in all our work:

  • Integrity: work with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics -  are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, stakeholders, donors, the public and the government
  • Accountability and responsive: for the state and the citizenry to shift towards more collaborative governance
  • Equity and inclusiveness: make all the stakeholders we interact with feel welcome and accepted
  • Non-confrontational: deal with situations calmly and diplomatically
  • Teamwork: build partnerships with health stakeholders including communities, governments, civil society and private sector organisations – to influence others and increase our impact.
HERAF staff engaging community members through a participatory user surveys of their health facility in Nyeri County
HERAF staff engaging community members through a participatory user surveys of their health facility in Nyeri County

To empower citizens to comprehend the human rights based approach to health we carry out:

  • Sensitization campaigns
  • Human rights based approach capacity trainings

In promoting citizens’ advocacy in development and implementation of health sector policies at national and county levels we:

  • Research on components of health system
  • Engage stakeholders in policy advocacy platforms
  • Engage in health and related Campaigns

To increase citizen’s participation in County and National government’s planning and budget making processes engage in county and national:

  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Budget making processes

To promote social accountability and transparency at national and county levels we carry out

  • Participatory user surveys
  • Monitoring exercises on health sector budget implementation
  • Development and implementation of social accountability tools










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